macOS 15

macOS 15 is the next-generation version of the software that runs on the Mac. Set to be unveiled at WWDC in June.

By MacRumors Staff
macOS 15

macOS 15 - What We Know So Far

When WWDC 2024 takes place in June, Apple will unveil the next-generation version of macOS, macOS 15. While most of what we've heard about upcoming software has been focused on iOS, macOS and iOS often share many features, so we have some idea of what's coming to macOS as well.

macOS 15 Feature

macOS 15 will be previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, with an unveiling set to happen on Monday, June 10. Betas will go out the same day, and there will be a testing period over the next few months. macOS 15 will see a public launch in the fall.

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Rumored Features

Artificial Intelligence

Apple is working to add a number of AI-centric features to its operating system updates, many of which are likely to be cross-platform.

  • AI-generated Apple Music playlists.
  • AI-assisted writing in Pages.
  • AI-assisted slide deck creation in Keynote.
  • AI code writing features in Xcode.
  • Siri improvements and deeper integration with Shortcuts.

Siri could benefit the most from AI improvements, and there are rumors suggesting the personal assistant will be better at natural conversation and user personalization, with the new functionality set to be available cross-device.

Apple is specifically working on improved interaction between Siri and the Messages app, so Siri will be able to do things like auto-complete sentences more effectively and follow multi-part, complex commands.

Deeper integration with the Shortcuts app could allow users to automate complex tasks that involve multiple apps.

There are also rumors suggesting Apple is planning to partner with Google or OpenAI for their large language models, so some of Apple's upcoming generative AI features might be built on Google or OpenAI technology.

Calculator App

macOS 15 will include an overhauled Calculator app that has a design inspired by the iPhone Calculator app. We can expect to see rounded buttons, an enhanced unit conversion system for up-to-date currency conversions, a feature that allows the Calculator app to integrate in with the Notes app, a history tape in the sidebar that will show previous calculations, and an adjustable window size.

Notes App

The Notes app is expected to include support for recording voice memos directly in the app, with recordings embedded in notes. Notes and Voice Memos will include audio transcription features, offering up auto-generated transcripts of audio recordings. The Notes app is also rumored to be able to offer AI-generated summaries of key points in audio recordings.

Apple also plans to add support for displaying mathematical notation through an integration with the Calculator app. Users will be able to add more types of mathematical equations to their notes.

Apple Music

iOS 18 and macOS 15 will include smart song transitions that improve on the existing crossfade option. With smart song transitions, ‌Apple Music‌ users will be able to adjust the crossfade duration from 1 to 12 seconds.

As it stands, crossfade bridges the gap between songs by lowering the volume of the song that's ending while increasing the volume of the new song, creating a successful transition without the music ever coming to an end.

System Settings

The System Settings app will be updated with a new organizational system that is based on "priority and overall importance" according to rumors.

The Notifications and Sound categories in System Settings will be moved lower in the list, with General settings moved up right under Network settings. Apple plans to move the existing Wallpaper and Displays sections into the same section with General settings, and Privacy and Security will be paired with Touch ID and Password and other relevant settings. Siri and Spotlight will be paired with Internet Accounts and Game Center.

Other New Additions

There are several other features that are rumored to be coming to macOS 15.

  • Accessibility - Apple is working on an Adaptive Voice Shortcuts feature for creating a custom phrase and linking an accessibility setting to it, plus there will be an option for organizing Live Speech into user-created categories.
  • Freeform - A Scenes feature will let users select specific sections or Scenes within their boards for faster navigation and sharing.
  • Maps - The Maps app may gain support for creating custom routes, and it may also be upgraded with topographic maps.
  • Siri - Apple is redesigning the Siri menu bar icon, introducing a flat black and white version to replace the current colorful version.


Since 2013, Apple has been using California landmark names for the Mac operating system, and there's no sign that's going to change. Apple has trademarked several names over the last decade, and some of the possibilities that have yet to be used include Redwood, Grizzly, Sequoia, Mammoth, Pacific, Rincon, Farallon, Miramar, Condor, Diablo, and Shasta.

Apple could go with a non-trademarked name, and it has done so several times in the past.

These are the names that Apple has used since it started naming macOS after California landmarks:

  • Mavericks
  • Yosemite
  • El Capitan
  • Sierra
  • High Sierra
  • Mojave
  • Catalina
  • Big Sur
  • Monterey
  • Ventura
  • Sonoma

Release Date

macOS 15 will be previewed at the WWDC 2024 keynote on Monday, June 10. The first beta will be provided to developers that same day, and a public beta will likely follow in the summer.

macOS 15 will then see a public launch sometime in the fall, either in September or October based on past launch timelines.

macOS 15 Timeline