Amazon is back with its annual summertime Prime Day event, lasting for just two days from July 16-17. As it does every year, Prime Day offers shoppers a huge selection of deals across Amazon's storefront, including savings on tech, clothing, video games, groceries, and much, much more.

primeday2020 feature3Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

For our coverage, we're focusing entirely on discounts for Apple and Apple-related products that can be purchased right now on Amazon. As of today, this includes deals on AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook Air, and more. We're also sharing deals being matched at retailers like Best Buy in some cases.

As is typical for Prime Day deals, these markdowns are very time sensitive, so sales listed below may disappear fast, and new ones may appear even faster. With this in mind, we'll keep this article updated over the next few days, and keep an eye on the MacRumors front page as we'll be posting particularly great deals in separate articles next week.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Amazon Prime Day requires you to have an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of the discounts. Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139.00 per year, and it comes with a 30-day free trial for new subscribers.


airpods prime day 24

Starting with AirPods, you'll find a wide selection of solid deals across the AirPods lineup on Amazon during Prime Day. Prices start at $119.00 for the AirPods 3 ($50 off), then increase to $168.99 for the AirPods Pro 2 ($80 off).

Both of these are great lowest-ever discounts on each model of the AirPods, beating previous record lows by up to $20. We're also tracking the AirPods Max at a discount during Prime Day, available for $394.99, down from $549.00, another all-time low price.

Apple Watch

prime day series 9

Series 9

You can get up to $120 off most Apple Watch Series 9 models right now on Amazon, starting at $279.00 for the 41mm GPS watches. We've rounded up all of the deals below, focusing on the aluminum devices, but you can also find $100 discounts on a few stainless steel models as well.


Apple's 40mm GPS Apple Watch SE is available for $169.99 today on Amazon, down from $249.00. This is a new all-time low price on the wearable. This deal is available in all three aluminum color options, and only Amazon has the discount.

You can also get the 44mm GPS Apple Watch SE on sale right now, available for $199.99 on Amazon, down from $279.00. This is another new record low price on the Apple Watch SE for Prime Day.

M2 iPad Pro

m2 ipad pro prime day

Over at Best Buy, today you can find some of the biggest discounts on the M2 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro that we've seen in months, including both Wi-Fi and cellular tablets. A My Best Buy Plus/Total membership is not required to see these discounts.

With such steep savings, these previous generation iPad Pros are worth looking into purchasing for anyone who wants to prioritize saving money over owning the newest M4 iPad Pro. There are some major differences between the two generations, like the M4's support for Apple Pencil Pro and a new nano-texture display option, so be sure to read about which one works best for you in our Buyer's Guide.







M4 iPad Pro

m4 ipad pro prime day

For the newest M4 iPad Pros, Amazon is offering up to $200 off select models of both the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro. Deals are primarily focused on Wi-Fi models, but you can find a few cellular tablets on sale at this time as well.



M2 iPad Air

ipad air prime day


The cheapest model is the 128GB Wi-Fi 11-inch iPad Air for $559.00, down from $599.00. You'll also find deals on the 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB models below, all of which are in stock on Amazon with delivery dates as soon as the middle of next week for Prime members.


The 13-inch M2 iPad Air models start at $729.00 for the 128GB Wi-Fi tablet, down from $799.00. Similar to the 11-inch devices, all Wi-Fi models are on sale this week, and for the larger display iPad Airs these discounts reach up to $90 off original prices.

The iPad Air is Apple's middle-tier iPad model, equipped with an LCD Liquid Retina display, True Tone support, four unique color options, Touch ID, relocated front-facing camera, and two new size options with the 11-inch and 13-inch sizes.

10th Gen iPad

2022 ipad prime day

Amazon is taking $50 off the Wi-Fi models of the 2022 iPad, starting at $299.00 for 64GB Wi-Fi. You'll also find both cellular devices on sale this weekend.

M3 MacBook Pro

m3 macbook pro prime day

The cheapest M3 MacBook Pro model you'll find right now is on the 14-inch M3 Pro 512GB model, priced at $1,399.00. That's a $200 discount and the best price we've ever tracked, but you can also find a few other solid markdowns on more 14-inch MacBook Pros and 16-inch MacBook Pros at Amazon and Best Buy.

Note that if you have a My Best Buy Plus or Total subscription, you'll definitely want to prioritize Best Buy over Amazon for MacBook Pro deals. In many cases, Best Buy is offering as much as $200 off for members on top of the already steep discounts you'll find below.



M3 MacBook Air

m3 macbook air prime day

Prices on the M3 MacBook Air start at $898.99 for the 8GB RAM/256GB SSD 13-inch MacBook Air, which is down from $1,099.00. For the bigger model, prices start at $1,099.00 for the 8GB RAM/256GB SSD 15-inch MacBook Air, down from $1,299.00.

Shoppers should note that Best Buy is offering an extra $50 in savings on these computers, but you'll need to have a My Best Buy Plus or Total membership in order to see the discounts. Otherwise, if you don't have a membership, you can find matching prices on every M3 MacBook Air at Best Buy.

13-inch M3 MacBook Air

15-inch M3 MacBook Air

M2 MacBook Air

m2 macbook air prime day

Best Buy and Amazon today have Apple's 256GB 13-inch M2 MacBook Air for $799.00, down from $999.00. You'll find all four colors on sale at this price, including Midnight, Silver, Space Gray, and Starlight.

Compared to previous sales, this is a match of the all-time low price on the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air. Right now, both Best Buy and Amazon have this steep discount, and we aren't tracking any notable deals on the 512GB model.

Apple Pencil

pencil prime day

Apple Pencil deals include all-time low prices on the Apple Pencil 2 at $79.00 and Apple Pencil Pro at $119.00.

Apple Studio Display

studio display prime day

Amazon has $299 off the Apple Studio Display for Prime Day, starting at $1,299.99 for the standard glass option. For this model, this is a match of the all-time low price.

Our full Deals Roundup has more information on the latest Apple-related sales and bargains.

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Popular accessory brand Ugreen has built up a veritable lineup of portable power banks and chargers in the last few years, with several options to serve the needs of gadget users on the road. It can be hard to work out what kind of unit will meet your particular requirements, but if you are looking for a compact USB-C/A bank that has enough juice to fully recharge your smartphone and laptop and then some, Ugreen's Nexode 100W power bank could be worth considering.

1ugreen nexode 100w power bank
I've been testing out the Nexode for a few weeks now, and I've come away impressed enough that it's become an ever-present accessory in my laptop bag, and I don't leave the house without it when I'm working away from home.

Normally priced at $79.99 (and sometimes quite a lot cheaper if you shop around online), it's a compact, unassuming unit that weighs about 513 grams. While it's almost three times as heavy as an iPhone 15 Pro, its dimensions are pretty similar, and it's around 1.5x as thick as Apple's smartphone, which makes it pocketable if you're wearing a coat.

The flame-retardant plastic case is black on the back and painted in metallic grey on one side and around the edges. It's soft to the touch, but its smoothness suggests it will scratch easily, which is why I keep it in the supplied draw-string velvety pouch when it's not in use. The included USB-C to USB-C cable is around 18 inches long, and also fits snugly inside.

3ugreen nexode 100w power bank
On one side of the unit is a button that when pressed illuminates a simple LCD readout that tells you the percentage of charge left in its five 21700 battery cells, which together total 20,000mAh capacity. The power bank itself supports fast charging at a maximum 65W. With a charger that takes advantage of that, the unit reaches 50% capacity in about 50 minutes, and full capacity in about 110 minutes, so you can basically look at the LCD percentage readout to get a fairly good idea of how its progressing. The bank is also capable of charging your devices while being charged itself.

On one side of the bank are three ports: The IN1/OUT1 is a USB-C port that's used to charge the Nexode, but it's also the connector to use if you want to charge a device at the maximum 100W output. Then there's secondary USB-C and USB-A ports, allowing you to charge up to three devices simultaneously.

I've been charging my M3 MacBook Air 13-inch using the maximum 100W fast charging speed, and from 10% battery it can bring my laptop up to a 50% charge in around 25 minutes, and fully charge it in about an hour, with around 10% of juice in the bank to spare. When I plug in my ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ when it's hovering around 10%, it hits 60% charge in half an hour, and fully charges in under an hour, with enough left in the power bank's tank to fully recharge the iPhone from almost dead more than twice over.

7ugreen nexode 100w power bank
Those charge times, while swift, do depend on nothing else being connected to the power bank, because that's when the variable output changes. With more than one device plugged in, the 100W port is limited to 65W, which still isn't bad, but the wait time obviously goes up. On their own, the second USB-C port maxes out at 30W, while the USB-A port can handle 22.5W, both of which are good for AirPods or an Apple Watch (if both gadgets are connected, pressing the unit's button three times in succession activates a small-current mode).

2ugreen nexode 100w power bank
That said, if all three ports are active, the two secondary ports share 20W, although that doesn't affect the 100W rate, which feels reasonable for a power bank on a single charge. Regardless, the overall capacity of the unit means that I've been able to work away from home all day without having to worry if I'll have access to a power outlet – even if my MacBook hasn't been charged to full overnight.

Similarly, heading out for a weekend away with a fully charged MacBook and ‌iPhone‌, it's easily met my needs, even when I've not had easy access to power. All in all, the Ugreen Nexode 100W hasn't let me down. There may be no bells and whistles to speak of, but that helps keep the price reasonable.

ugreen nexode 100w
As an Amazon Prime Day deal, the Ugreen Nexode 100W 20000mAh Power Bank is available from Amazon and the Ugreen website, priced at $54.39 (down from the regular $79.99 list price).

Note: Ugreen provided MacRumors with the Nexode 100W 20000mAh Power Bank for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

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Apple no longer plans to use resin-coated copper for logic boards in iPhone 17 models next year, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said today.

iphone 15 a16 bionic
Kuo said resin-coated copper failed to meet Apple's "high-quality requirements," leading to the company scrapping its plans to adopt the material for iPhone 17 models. It is unclear if Apple will revisit resin-coated copper for iPhone 18 models or later, but it appears that the material is at least a few years away from being used in iPhones.

Resin-coated copper is a thin layer of copper foil coated with a resin, such as an epoxy. The material would allow for a thinner logic board, which in turn would provide more internal space for other components and sensors in future iPhones.

It was also rumored that at least one new Apple Watch would use resin-coated copper this year, but it is unclear if that plan has been delayed too.

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Yesterday we highlighted some of the best Apple-related product discounts that you can find on Amazon during Prime Day, and now we're focusing on third-party accessory markdowns during the event. In this article you'll find all the best accessories for charging, smart homes, smartphones, and more.

primeday2020 feature3Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Shoppers should remember that Prime Day sales are typically time sensitive, so purchase quickly if you're interested. Remember that you'll need an Amazon Prime membership to get Prime Day deals. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime on Amazon if you're a new customer; afterwards the service runs for $14.99/month or $139/year.


anker prime day

Prime Day deals have hit Anker's most popular portable batteries, Bluetooth speakers, wall chargers, USB-C hubs, and portable power stations. We've collected some of the best Anker discounts in the list below, but be sure to browse Amazon for even more sales.


Portable Batteries

Wireless Chargers

Power Stations

Wall Chargers



jackery prime day

Jackery's Prime Day deals include a large selection of portable power stations at big discounts.


beats prime day

There's a big collection of Beats headphones discounted for Prime Day this year, starting with the Beats Studio Buds for $79.00, down from $149.95. The newer Beats Studio Buds+ are on sale for $129.99, down from $169.95.

The Beats Studio Pro are on sale for $169.99, down from $349.99, which is a new record low price. You can also get the Beats Solo 4 Headphones for $119.99, down from $199.99 and the Beats Fit Pro for $149.99, down from $199.99.


samsung prime day

Samsung's popular 32-inch Smart Monitor M8 (Model M80D) is down to the best price we've ever seen it on Amazon, available for $499.99, down from $699.99. This is the newest model of the Smart Monitor M8, and it beats the first discount we tracked last week by $50.

In addition to the Smart Monitor M8, Amazon has a wide array of monitors and PCs on sale from HP, Acer, Samsung, and more for Prime Day. One of the highlights is Samsung's 27-inch ViewFinity S9 5K Monitor for $899.99, down from $1,599.99.


prime day tvs

Amazon Devices

prime day amazon thing

Of course, some of the best discounts can be found on Amazon's own line of products. This includes Kindle e-readers, Blink security cameras, Fire tablets, and more.

Google Nest Thermostat

prime day nest

Amazon has the Google Nest Thermostat for $84.99, down from $129.99 during Prime Day. This is one of the lowest prices we've seen for the Nest Thermostat, and it's available at this price in two colors.

More Sales

  • Belkin - Save on headphones, chargers, and more
  • Eufy - Save on smart home products
  • iVANKY - Save on USB docks for Macs
  • Flexispot - Save on standing desks

If you're on the hunt for more Prime Day discounts, be sure to visit our big Prime Day post where we recap the best Apple-related bargains of the event. Remember that you'll need an Amazon Prime membership to get Prime Day deals. You can sign up for Prime on Amazon if you don't have the service yet.

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Apple in 2025 will take on a new compact camera module (CCM) supplier for future MacBook models powered by its next-generation M5 chip, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

New MacBook Pros Launching Tomorrow With These 4 New Features 2
Writing in his latest investor note on Medium, Kuo said Apple will turn to Sunny Optical for the CCM in its M5 MacBooks. The Chinese optical lens company will mass produce the CCMs in Vietnam, and provide a complete imaging system integrated into a compact form factor for the new laptops.

The primary suppliers of camera modules for MacBooks are currently LG InnoTek and Sharp. In Apple's optical component supply chain, only Sunny Optical can simultaneously supply CCM and lenses in a single package, which gives the company the advantage of vertical integration. If shipments for the MacBooks go smoothly, Kuo predicts that Sunny Optical could also become the new CCM supplier for future iPhone and iPad models.

Apple plans to update the 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M4 chip as soon as late 2024, and we could perhaps see a refresh before the end of the year. The high-end 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are also expected to see a late 2024 refresh with M4 Pro and M4 Max chips.

Apple is working on a thinner version of the MacBook Pro, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The ultrathin 2024 iPad Pro serves as a model for Apple's upcoming design philosophy, with the company planning to offer "the thinnest and lightest products" in each category across the tech industry.

It's not clear when a thinner MacBook Pro might come out, since no design changes are rumored for the 2024 refresh, but it's possible that 2025 could be the year that Apple debuts redesigned laptops based on its M5 chip. Apple is also rumored to be working on Face ID for the Mac, and it's likely that the MacBook Pro will be one of the first Macs to get Face ID, but there are no concrete details about when that might happen.

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Apple has made a macOS 15 Sequoia beta available for its public beta testing group, letting public beta testers try out the software before it launches this fall. Keep reading to learn whether you should install it on your Mac, and if so, how to go about it.

Apple WWDC24 macOS Sequoia hero 240610
Signing up to get the macOS Sequoia beta is simple, and can be done by enrolling a Mac in Apple's free Apple Beta Software Program. The steps you need to complete to install the software on your device are provided towards the end of this article, but before you jump ahead, here are a few things worth considering.

Should I Install macOS Sequoia Public Beta?

Before downloading the update, it's worth noting that Apple does not recommend installing the macOS Sequoia Beta on your main Mac, so if you have a secondary Mac that has no important data on it, use that. This is beta software, which means there are often bugs and issues that pop up that can prevent software from working properly or cause other problems.

With that caveat in mind, the steps in the remainder of this article show you how to get the macOS 15 beta on your Mac. First though, check that you have a compatible Mac.

Will macOS Sequoia run on My Mac?

macOS 15 Sequoia works with the same Macs as macOS 14 Sonoma other than the 2018 and 2019 MacBook Air. They include:

  • MacBook Air (2020 and later)
  • MacBook Pro (2018 and later)
  • iMac (2019 and later)
  • Mac Mini (2018 and later)
  • iMac Pro (2017 and later)
  • Mac Pro (2019 and later)
  • Mac Studio (2022 and later)

You can check your Mac's model by clicking the Apple in the menu bar and choosing About This Mac.

Don't Forget to Back Up Your Mac

Be sure to back up your Mac using Time Machine before installing the software using the method, otherwise you won't be able to revert back to the previous version of macOS if things go wrong.

How to Download macOS Sequoia Public Beta

apple beta software program

  1. On your Mac, open up Safari and navigate to the Apple Beta Software Program website.
  2. Tap the Sign up button and enter your Apple ID credentials, or sign in with your Apple ID if you've signed up to beta test a previous update.
  3. Agree to the Apple Beta Software Program terms and conditions if required.
  4. After signing in, you'll see a main screen that's a Guide for Public Betas. Click on macOS.
  5. Read through Apple's instructions carefully, and then using the link in the "Get Started" section, select enroll your iOS device.
  6. Make sure to make an backup of your current version of macOS using Time Machine by following Apple's instructions. This will allow you to downgrade back to your earlier version of macOS if necessary and is crucial if you don't enjoy the macOS Sequoia testing experience.
  7. If your Mac is running macOS Ventura 13.4 or later, go to System Settings -> General -> Software Update and click the Info button next to "Beta updates." Then choose the macOS beta you'd like to install. If your Mac is running macOS Ventura 13.3 or earlier, download Apple's macOS Beta Access Utility and run the installer. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation. Note that your Mac must be signed in with the same Apple ID you used to enroll in the Apple Beta Software Program.

Installation of the macOS beta is manually chosen in System Settings -> General -> Software Update. If a newly released beta is not available when you check, you will receive a notification when it is available to download.

macOS Sequoia Features

macOS Sequoia's standout feature is iPhone Mirroring, enabling you to control your iPhone from your Mac using your keyboard and mouse. This includes viewing notifications and using iPhone apps even when the device is tucked away and locked. Later this year, you'll also be able to drag and drop apps between your Mac and iPhone.

macos sequoia iphone mirroring
Window tiling has been enhanced for easier management of multiple windows. Safari now offers webpage summaries and highlights, while the Messages app supports message scheduling and Tapback reactions with any emoji. A new Passwords app simplifies managing passwords, logins, and passkeys. The Photos app has a redesigned interface, and the Notes app now includes audio transcription and summarization, along with automatic equation solving.

macOS Sequoia incorporates all new Apple Intelligence features coming to iOS 18, providing various quality of life improvements. These include writing tools for proofreading and polishing your text across apps, the Image Playground for creating unique images, and Genmoji for designing custom emojis. The Photos app features a Clean Up tool for removing unwanted images, and Siri has improved AI for better language understanding and contextual relevance, even consulting ChatGPT for complex queries.

Additional features are also coming to macOS Sequoia. More details are available in our dedicated roundup.

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With iOS 18, Apple created a standalone Passwords app that streamlines login and password management. You've been able to store password information on your Apple devices through iCloud Keychain for years, but accessing passwords was a little difficult because the data was tucked away in the Settings app. That's no longer the case, and in ‌iOS 18‌, it's much simpler to create and manage passwords for websites and more.

Generic iOS 18 Passwords Feature
This guide goes over everything you need to know about the ‌iOS 18‌ Passwords app.


The Passwords app is installed automatically when upgrading to ‌iOS 18‌, iPadOS 18, or macOS Sequoia. The app has a simple layout with a search bar right at the top, so you can look up the information that you're looking for.

ios 18 passwords app
If you've already used the ‌iCloud‌ Keychain feature, all of your saved logins and passwords will be ready to go as soon as you authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID. There are separate sections for passwords and logins (under All), Passkeys, two-factor authentication codes, Wi-Fi passwords, security warnings, and logins that have been deleted.

ios 18 passwords app
You can tap in to any of the sections to see what's listed there, and tapping on an individual entry shows the login and password. Each entry has fields for site or app name, username, login, verification code, websites where the login is used, and notes. There's also a one-tap option for changing your password for any given entry.

ios 18 passwords app wifi
The layout of the Passwords app is similar to what you see in the Passwords section of the Settings app in ‌iOS 18‌.

Adding Logins and Passwords

To add a login or password to the Passwords app, it's as simple as tapping on the "+" button at the bottom of the main interface.

ios 18 add password
The Passwords app populates a new entry with a password automatically, and you just need to add the website name and username, then copy the password and put it in the app, website, or service you're signing up for. Tapping on Save will save the information.

If you want to add information to an existing entry, you can tap into the relevant section, such as All, search for the login you want to update, tap it, and then select the "Edit" option to get to the editing interface for adding notes, changing a password, or adding a verification code.

Passwords and logins are added automatically to the Passwords app when you have ‌iCloud‌ Keychain enabled and you create a new login in Safari or in an app.

Changing Passwords

To change a Password, you just need to open up the Passwords app, search for the login you want to update, tap on Edit, and then tap on the "Change Password..." option. You can also browse through Passwords using the "All" section.

Tapping on Change Password opens up the website associated with the login and password, but you will need to initiate the password change process on the site by logging into your account and finding the appropriate option for updating a password.

Deleting Passwords

To delete a password, go to the "All" section and browse until you find it, or search for a specific login. From the "All" overview, you can swipe from right to left to bring up a delete option. Just tap on delete to remove the password.

You can also tap into any of your logins, choose Edit, and select Delete Password from there. To delete multiple logins, tap on the Select tool at the top right of the display (it looks like a list with a checkmark) and then tap any of the logins you want to delete. When you're done, tap on Delete again to delete them all.

Passwords that you have deleted are stored in a Deleted folder in the Passwords app for 30 days before they're permanently deleted. You can tap into that folder and swipe to delete logins and passwords right away. Alternatively, you can use the select button at the top to delete multiple logins at one time.

Authentication Codes

The Passwords app can provide two-factor authentication codes for sites that make additional security options available. To add a two-factor authentication code, tap on the "Codes" section of the main Passwords interface.

From there, tap on the "+" button. You can either scan a QR code with a camera, which is a common way two-factor authentication apps work, or enter a setup key. Once the code is stored in the Passwords app, you can open up the Codes section at any time to get a temporary code to log in to a site or app.

Two-factor authentication codes also show up when you search for a password and login or browse through logins in the "All" section.


Websites have started transitioning from passwords to passkeys, and the Passwords app stores your passkeys as well as your logins and passwords.

ios 18 passwords passkey
Passkeys are more secure than passwords, and they let you log into your accounts using ‌Face ID‌ or ‌Touch ID‌ authentication on an Apple device. Passkeys basically use a cryptographic key pair, with one public key stored on a server and a private key stored on your device.

Private keys are not shared, they remain on-device only, and can't be sent to other people, protecting your accounts from phishing attempts.

You can see your stored passkeys in the Passkeys section of the Passwords app.

Password Sharing

The Passwords app lets you set up and share select passwords with trusted contacts. You can create one or more groups of people that include family and friends, providing them with access to shared logins and passwords.

ios 18 passwords shared groups
Creating a group can be done by tapping on the folder on the left hand side of the main Passwords interface. Type in a name, and then select people to add. Note that anyone you add needs to be in your contacts list.

From there, you can select logins and passwords that you want to share. Logins and passwords can be removed at any time, and all members of a group can contribute logins. The group creator can remove people from the group at any time.

To share a password with someone in person, you can search for the login that you want to share and then use the Share Sheet to open up an AirDrop interface that will let you AirDrop the login and password information. The Share Sheet is only designed for this kind of in-person sharing.


If you have AutoFill enabled on your devices, your logins and passwords will be entered automatically when you visit a website in Safari that you have stored login information for. AutoFill will pop up an option for the appropriate login and password on any account login field in Safari or in an app.

AutoFill works the same as it did when passwords were limited to the Settings app.


In the "All" section of the Passwords app, you can tap on the icon that features two arrows to get to sorting options.

ios 18 password app sorting
Sorting options include Date Edited, Date Created, Website, or Title, and each of these can be displayed in a Descending or Ascending list by tapping on the desired option.


Passwords are synced automatically between all of your Apple devices using ‌iCloud‌ Keychain. You just need to have the option turned on and you need to be logged in to your Apple ID on any device where you want to access your passwords.

You can even get to your logins and passwords on a Windows PC because Apple is adding the Passwords app to iTunes for Windows.


There is a dedicated Security section in the Passwords app, and it lets you know if you have a password that is reused, too weak, or has been compromised in a data leak.

ios 18 passwords app security
Warnings are accompanied by information letting you know that a password change is in order, and you can tap on the Change Password option to go to the website where you need to update your information.

For any individual login, you'll also see information letting you know if your password is weak or strong.

Importing Passwords

Apple plans to provide a tool for importing passwords from other services like 1Password and LastPass, but as of now, this functionality has not yet been implemented.

Read More

For more on the new features that Apple is adding in ‌iOS 18‌, we have a dedicated iOS 18 roundup.

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Apple today updated the Apple Store app to introduce a more personalized For You experience, which offers up more relevant product and service suggestions along with more information on what you can do with your existing devices.

Apple Store App Feature Blue
The entire navigation bar has been refreshed, replacing Shop with Products and Sessions with Go Further. The For You tab provides relevant offers and suggestions such as free Apple Music and Apple TV+ trials, while the Products tab lets you see new products and also shop for accessories for your devices.

The "Go Further" tab shows nearby Today at Apple sessions, provides help with device setup, and offers support for your devices. For these new changes, Apple has a new opt-in data collection feature. Apple says that it collects data about your shopping activity, subscriptions, and more to make suggestions, but there is an option to not provide this information to Apple.

To create a personalised shopping experience, we'll collect and use data about your device, Apple account, Apple Store shopping activity and Apple subscriptions.

Privacy is important, and we want to be clear about what we're collecting and how we will use it. You can modify these at any time in Account Settings.

The updated version of the ‌Apple Store‌ app also includes a new Today at Apple video series with short videos that you can watch to get tips on device features.

Apple's full release notes for the refreshed ‌Apple Store‌ app are below.

  • A fresh, more curated experience that makes it easier to quickly find the most relevant content on the For You tab, shop the latest on the Products tab, and make the most of the devices you already own on the Go Further tab.
  • Check out the new video series from Today at Apple with featured guests that will inspire you to do more with your devices.
  • New options to customize your privacy settings and preferences give you enhanced control over how Apple will use the data you share with us.

The ‌Apple Store‌ app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. [Direct Link]

Amazon today has $250 off every model of Apple's 2024 M3 MacBook Air for Prime Day, including both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. All of these discounts require you to clip an on-page coupon in order to see the final deal price, and it's worth mentioning that Best Buy is matching these prices for My Best Buy Plus/Total members.

m3 macbook air prime dayNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Prices start at $849.00 for the 8GB RAM/256GB SSD 13-inch MacBook Air, which is down from $1,099.00. For the bigger model, prices start at $1,049.00 for the 8GB RAM/256GB SSD 15-inch MacBook Air, down from $1,299.00.

Note: You won't see the deal price until checkout.

With the addition of the $50 on-page coupon, these are now the lowest price we've ever seen on the brand new M3 MacBook Air, and they're among the overall best Apple-related deals you can find during Prime Day.

13-inch M3 MacBook Air

15-inch M3 MacBook Air

If you're looking to spend a little less, and are fine with investing in a previous generation model, Amazon also has great deals on the 2022 13-inch M2 MacBook Air. You can get the 256GB model for $799.00 (matched at Best Buy) and the 512GB model for $999.00 (also matched at Best Buy), and they're both $200 off and all-time low prices.

If you're on the hunt for more Prime Day discounts, be sure to visit our big Prime Day post where we recap the best Apple-related bargains of the event. Remember that you'll need an Amazon Prime membership to get Prime Day deals. You can sign up for Prime on Amazon if you don't have the service yet.

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Sonos today has opened up its own Prime Day inspired sale, offering steep discounts on select home theater audio equipment. This includes low prices on the Sonos Roam 2 portable speaker, as well as various discounted bundles, all of which are rare deals we haven't tracked since earlier in the summer.

sonos prime dayNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Sonos. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

This sale has a good balance between individual Sonos products and bundles that should help elevate your home theater setup with various soundbars, subwoofers, and speakers. Highlights of the event include the Sonos Roam 2 for $143 and Sonos Era 100 Smart Speaker for $199, both of which are all-time low prices.

We've accumulated a few of the devices in the sale below, but be sure to browse this landing page on the Sonos website for everything being discounted.



Head to our full Deals Roundup to get caught up with all of the latest deals and discounts that we've been tracking over the past week.

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As Prime Day continues today, we're highlighting all of the best Apple deals you can get for under $100 on Amazon. This includes AirPods, Apple Pencil 2, AirTags, iPhone cases, USB-C chargers, and more.

primeday2022Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

You can find every Apple deal available during Prime Day in our dedicated post. Remember that you'll need an Amazon Prime membership to get Prime Day deals, and you can sign up for Prime on Amazon if you don't have the service yet.

$30 Or Under

usb c prime day

In the cheapest category, you can get Apple's 20W USB-C Power Adapter for $14.99, down from $19.00 and the AirTag 1 Pack for $23.99, down from $29.00

$50 Or Under

finewoven prime day

For accessories priced between $30 and $50, there are a few sales on Amazon for Prime Day. You can get the 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter for $44.99, down from $59.00, as well as discounts on iPhone 15 cases.

$100 Or Under

airtag prime day

Lastly, we're tracking a few deals on Apple products that are just under $100 for Prime Day. You can get an AirTag 4-Pack for $74.98 ($24 off), an Apple Pencil 2 for $79.00 ($50 off), and AirPods 2 for $69.00 ($60 off).

If you're on the hunt for more Prime Day discounts, be sure to visit our big Prime Day post where we recap the best Apple-related bargains of the event. Remember that you'll need an Amazon Prime membership to get Prime Day deals. You can sign up for Prime on Amazon if you don't have the service yet.

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Apple recently updated its website with a list of products eligible for upcoming 2024 sales tax holidays in select U.S. states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Apple Sales Tax Free Holidays
Sales tax holidays provide a limited-time opportunity to purchase select Apple products online or in stores without paying sales tax. Eligible products and price limits vary from state to state, with complete details outlined on Apple's website. Apple says tax savings may not appear during checkout, but will be reflected on the final receipt.

The tax-free holidays run from July 19 through August 11, with the exact dates varying by state. Some other U.S states are offering tax-free holidays this summer, but they are not listed on Apple's website at this time.

Sales tax holidays are especially beneficial to students, as the tax savings can be combined with Apple's ongoing Back to School promotion, which offers students up to a $150 Apple gift card with the purchase of an eligible Mac or iPad, as well as 20% off AppleCare+ plans. This is in addition to Apple's standard educational discounts on select products.

Apple today seeded the fourth beta of an upcoming macOS Sonoma 14.6 update to developers, with the software coming a week after Apple released the third beta.

macOS Sonoma Feature
Registered developers can opt-in to the beta through the Software Update section of the System Settings app. Note that an Apple ID associated with an Apple Developer account is required to get the beta.

We don't yet know what might be included in ‌macOS Sonoma‌ 14.6, and no new features have been discovered in the betas so far.

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Apple today seeded the fourth betas of upcoming iOS 17.6 and iPadOS 17.6 updates to developers for testing purposes, with software coming a week after the third iOS and iPadOS 17.6 betas were released.

iOS 17
Registered developers are able to opt into the betas by opening up the Settings app, going to the Software Update section, tapping on the "Beta Updates" option, and toggling on the iOS 17 or iPadOS 17 Developer Beta. An Apple ID associated with a developer account is required to download and install the beta.

The features Apple promised for ‌iOS 17‌ have all been implemented, so it is not clear what will be included in iOS 17.6, and no major new additions have been discovered in the betas so far.

With Apple focusing on iOS 18, it is likely that iOS 17.6 will include bug fixes and other under-the-hood improvements.

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Apple today released the fourth beta of an upcoming visionOS 1.3 update to developers, allowing them to test new features ahead of the software seeing a public launch. The fourth ‌visionOS‌ 1.3 beta comes a week after the release of the third beta.

visionOS Home Screen
The ‌visionOS‌ beta can be downloaded by going to the Settings app on the device and toggling on developer betas. A registered developer account is required, and Apple recommends making a backup before installing new software.

Apple may make further improvements to Personas, EyeSight, and other features with ‌visionOS‌ 1.3, as well as implement additional bug fixes. No new features were found in the first three ‌visionOS‌ 1.3 betas.

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Apple today seeded the fourth beta of an upcoming watchOS 10.6 update to developers for testing purposes, with the fourth beta coming a week after the release of the third beta.

Apple Watch Faces watchOS 10 Feature Blue
To install the ?watchOS 10.6 update, developers need to open the Apple Watch app, go to the Software Update section under "General" in Settings, and toggle on the watchOS 10 Developer Beta. An Apple ID linked to a developer account is required.

Once beta updates have been activated, watchOS 10.6 can be downloaded under the same Software Update section. To install software, an Apple Watch needs to have 50 percent battery life and it must be placed on an Apple Watch charger.

We don't yet know what's included in watchOS 10.6, and with Apple's focus shifting to watchOS 11, it likely features bug fixes and other minor improvements.

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Apple today seeded the fourth beta of an upcoming tvOS 17.6 to developers for testing purposes, with the update coming a week after the release of the third beta.

apple tv 4k green
Registered developers are able to download the tvOS 17.6 update by opting in to the beta through the Settings app on the Apple TV. A registered developer account is required.

tvOS software releases are usually minor in scale compared to other operating system updates, focusing primarily on smaller improvements rather than outward-facing changes. We don't yet know what's included in tvOS 17.6.

Apple shares some information on tvOS releases in its tvOS support document, which is updated after each tvOS launch, but Apple does not provide notes during beta testing.

Though we don't always know what's new in tvOS betas, we let MacRumors readers know when new updates are available so those who are developers can download new software upon release.

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Apple today shared a new privacy-focused Safari ad, which is designed to highlight the ways that Safari protects user privacy compared to other browsers.

In the spot, security cameras are positioned as pesky birds and bats, hovering around smartphone users as they browse the web. The cameras are everywhere, representing website trackers. Much of the ad is focused on non-iPhone users, but toward the end, iPhone users opens up Safari and all the creepy cameras explode in mid-air.

The video is accompanied by billboards in cities around the world and short digital ads that are being shown on social networks. Apple has also highlighted some of the recent privacy updates made to Safari on its WebKit blog.

Safari has long protected advertisers from tracking users across the web with cross-site tracking, and it uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention to suss out and block domains collecting tracking data.

IP addresses are hidden from known trackers in Safari, as this can be used to identify users across websites, plus location information is not shared without express user permission and with optional time limitations. To cut down on fingerprinting, a tracking technique that uses system configuration info, Safari provides limited information to trackers to make devices look more identical.

The Safari Private Browsing mode offers an option to use a different search engine, it strips information added to URLs for tracking purposes, it has a content blocker to block network requests from known trackers, and it restricts web extensions that have access to webpage content and browsing history.

iCloud+ subscribers have additional protections with ‌iCloud‌ Private Relay and Safari Private Browsing, including separate sessions for every tab so sites can't tell if two tabs came from the same device and a non-specific IP location based on country and time zone.

Tracking preventions that Apple designed specifically for Private Browsing mode are enabled by default when in that mode, but they can also be enabled for regular browsing by going to Settings > Apps > Safari > Advanced > Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection on an ‌iPhone‌ and toggling on the "All Browsing" feature. On a Mac, the setting can be found under Safari > Settings > Advanced.

According to Apple, a number of Safari's protections are not offered by other browsers such as Chrome, which makes Safari the ideal choice for privacy. Safari's unique features include using machine learning to combat cross-site tracking, removing unique trackers from URLs in Private Browsing, hiding IP address from known trackers, preventing web extensions from seeing browsing by default, not sharing location data with search engine, and blocking known trackers in Private Browsing.

More information on Safari's privacy protections can be found on Apple's privacy website, with specific technical information available on the WebKit blog.